Saturday, October 27, 2007

The xbox 360 Pro. Cheaper then the elite, and yes, you get HDMI.

Addicting console

Reviewed By: Mike on 10/24/2007
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Tech Level: high - Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Pros: I actually got my xbox from somewhere else and its the same exact one same price comes with same games. And i just got to say it incredible, i hooked it up to my pc screen through hdmi-dvi with cable i got from newegg and its running great. it comes with free one month of gold service if you sign up for free with silver service. I havent been able to do my hw for a while now since i got this lol. its addicting, many new demos downloadable for free, i played 38 demos so far in the past 3 weeks and all free and some are multyP. online so its awesome. the console has the new hdmi and 65nm chips standard now, and its great. gets warm during use, but so did my older xbox i had for many years now and really thats not a problem at all like ppl say.
Cons: wish it came with free internet.. but microsoft has to make its money somehow. so its all good. $50 and i can get a full year of internet, its awesome. i guess one problem is that i cant shake the xbox while its on or move it at all while the cd is in it or it will all break from what i heard, but really thats not a problem, ppl should not shake or move running electrical equipment when its on anyway.
Other Thoughts: for those people that say it gets to hot, well do not put you console where there is not enough air circulating, i put my old xbox in a tight spot one time, and boooy it got hot, and its the same with my pc, and this new xbox, it needs air, or chips will make the uncirculating air really hot then thats when problems happen. mine is now sitting between a wall a piece of furniture and my computer. it sits on the floor, but a little up from the surface on the box it came with so the holes on the bottom can suck up air as if it were str8 on the carpet it wont suck in cool air. and it has all the room up to the ceiling and about 5 to 6 inches all around and it runs really good, like my pc, well better, less noisy and a bit less as hot. so i'd say leave about 5-6 inches all around ur console to breathe, not so important on the sides, but in the back where the fans are.

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