Monday, October 22, 2007

Latest New!!! maps released and more on Call of Duty 4

well today a lot of new info was released on call of duty 4. a couple of new maps that have nice adds ons, like weather. snow and rain. whats even more surprising is the quality of the images or texture mapping in the ps3 verison. As we all know, ps3 has be a hard system to develop for, but, IW looks like they come through on there promises.

Cod4 is the first game on the ps3 that runs 60 frames per second. The first 1st person shooter, that actually delivers on its promises. Most important of all. It's actually coming out for the ps3 when it was suppose to come out. unlike many other titles rushed or pushed backed.

IW actually wanted to make a statement in the gaming industry, not only for its game but, for the hard working people at IW. GOOD JOB IW. a company for the moment that cares about the game and not deadlines.

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