Friday, July 25, 2008

old school rap song. one of my favs.

Monday, July 21, 2008

mortal kombat 2. were the best days ever in the arcade.

just wanted to post this video to let everyone know. wizzzards in detroit. 8 mile, afe in flint, i cant remeber all the hot spots in chicago. eddies, the test site. and the urail.

anyone that is intrested in gaming. most old schoolers meet online using the ps3 you can go to and go to the mk2 fourms. there you will find the best old school players still palying every once and a while. i managed to save one of my first videos from the ps3. slthough i had many more. but were deleted bye youtube.

Youtube Poem. for a uninformed mortal kombat critic

so, some sloppy 17yr old candian kid babbled something. what i dont know. but, i wrote a nice poem for him. i hate explaining myself. especially to someone who is about 50 miles outside of left field. it s really pointless. so, i made a poem. maybe some people will get it some wont.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wolfenstein E3 2008 Teaser Trailer

E3 2008: Mercenaries 2 Good Job Trailer

new star wars unleashed video with a mixed rap beat. nice

Gears Of War 2. new Video

DAWN OF WAR 2 warhammer.. sick graphics. damm these guys can program

new Mortal Kombat video ed boon.

New Call of Duty world at war video

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i might have to buy a ps3 AGAIN. too bad psn sucks dick. but, maybe there about to hit there stride next year. who knows.

Call of Duty 4, NEW GAMETYPES.

The Video says it all.

Bungie bullshit viral marketing ploy to "get people hyped"!

yeah, right who's fucken dumb enough to fall for this? "yeah, were coming out with a new trailer at the E3" Halo's series is garbage. Its nothing more then microsoft spending x amount of money hyping it up. Bungie is as about as Lucky as,
M. Night Shyamalan, making his one hit wonder the sixth sense. lets be serious. the game has'nt changed in 6 years. ill be shocked if they come out with a good game. the only thing they learned under microsoft is how to hype up shitty games. now they have to do it with"OUT" money. so, what better way to ride there hype wave from halo by pulling this bullshit move. ...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

E3 how many dumb games can be made in one year??

wow, did anyone see mirrors image? now this is damm funny. what do you get when you mix the E insurance girl with Aeon Flux a douche bag game called mirrors image. i know these guys at DICE got big heads but, ever since battlefield 2 these guys suck ass. they totally fucked up battlfield bad company.
we all know that they did the right thing the first time bye making a good multiplayer game "first" and a shitty single player game in battlfield 2. but, they've done the opposite in battlfield bad company. Now i guess EA thinks there the shit and gives them shit load of money to make games like mirror image. some stupid aeon flux/e insurance chic jumping around in first person from building to building delievering mail. ahhaha are you fucking kidding me. thats what the fuck fed ex is for. What the fuck is Owen O'brien doing over at DICE????? makes me wonder if they fucked up when the boys left dice to join kaos to make fuel of war??? ED BOON AND OWEN O'BRIEN need to meet i think there fucken clones or something?? babling idoits who have no idea whats going on with there own game that are completey shitty and wasteful. how about a BIG FUCK YOU because, im not buying anymore expeirments., mother fuckers in the real world get paid to be ginny pigs.

Gears of War 2??? its a classic mortal kombat ripp off

Gears of War is what ed boon from midway should have done years ago for a spin off. now gears of war 2 is turned into nothing more then a fatality fest finishing move game. its like g.r.a.w. meets mortal kombat. wow, what a great concept. the funny part it looks like these homo's are running around with full pants of shit pack in there ass. then finishing moves "ORGINAL CONCEPT" that midway and ed boon fucked off and now dont even have in there mortal kombat game that D C dictated to them that you can't have finishing moves in your own game are there that many stupid ass people who get brainwashed into buying games just because microsoft has a lot of money and pushs it like its the next best thing to sliced bread. am i the only one that thinks this way. im starting to wonder if the gaming world is taking the same path as super hero movies and comic books.

Far Cry 2?? is it going to be anygood?

Far Cry 1 sucked dick... theres no if an's or buts about it. how people get money to make the same game over after it flops. beat the shit outta me. but, i fucken hate ubisoft too. there dumb fucken retards who can't make a game. there only claim to fame is rainbow six series which has been pasted up like a turtle standing still in the gaming world.

i can give a flying fuck about single player either. but, i do like the way the movement looks and the fluidity of game play. lets hope this translates into multiplayer care. ubisoft can;t seem to figure that out in the gameing world. or they must suck at programing that or there too fucken cheap to do it. which ever comes first. but, dont give us a trailer of a game that looks good but, fucken sucks in mulitplayer and has a shitty lobby with a fucked up leaderboard. whats the fuck of point of making game if your going to leave out all that i just mentioned. where the fuck is the gameing police when you need them. ubisoft stop fucking games up. your like a white guy trying to rap. its a disgrace to the gaming industry. when you do half ass games.

bye the fucken way. im putting out notice to any fucken game making company. i m fucken tried of half ass fuck off games. if you don't come hard with the full package be prepared to get fucked in the ass hard with nails in it.