Thursday, February 28, 2008

battlefield bad company OWZNS!!!!!!!

battlefield bad company, who cares about anything else online for xboxlive. not only does it bring call of duty 4 graphics. but, it also brings what cod 4 and iw fail to capture. dedicated servers, NO LAG,. YOU get booted if your doing anything other then playing the game. i.e. stream videos, your sisters online. your dads homebased business.

BBC- will also do what ubisoft never can do, even though ea owns a % of ubisoft, but, the only reason they bought anything in that company was to combat the cod 4 series, which is merely a thorn in the battlefield series. lets not mistake anything that cod 4 series has done. but, to raise the bar of military fps games.

really i cant see any difference in the whole ball of wax. since, yes, rainbow six runs of the same engine that gears of war runs on. everyone should have realize this 2 years ago. but, who like s 3rd person shooters anyways. really, gow 2 will be the only 3rd person shooter that should ever be made or even worth playing in 3rd person.

we all know that BBC will be the best game ever made. lets look at the facts. cod 4 and Rb6 V2 are both great graphic games. but, what they both lack, is what BBC is all about. rb6 v2 and cod 4, had plenty of plenty time to catch bf2 model. "look" were talking about a game that was released on the orginal xbox that was almost played more as demo then halo 2 as a orginal game.

BBC will crush any game on xbl. it will crush cod 4 and rb6v2 and halo 3. the biggest simple reason on earth. people want DEDICATED servers. it poked its head up in bf2,on the orginal xbox. owned the 360, what really cracks me up. is what the hell is everyone thinking. with hosted games. is everyone following the wrong model. HALO 3. i really feel sorry for all those games in bbc path.

to bad for fuel of war. kaos. they got the right idea with dedicated servers. but, the graphics are not there. bbc has what all 4 games dont have. graphics, gameplay, and online dedicated service. the industry is truly about to change.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

i have a new online tv show. xboxlive gaming

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