Monday, June 23, 2008

Call of Duty, Headquarters website goes live today.

well if your wondering what happened to today. infinty ward has taken it down, for the upcoming cod 5. which treytrach has made, it's coming out in nov. i guess activision didn't want 2 competing websites. it only makes sense. so, they just called it headquarters. it covers i guess the rest of the series of games that are going to be fronted bye activison. this way we don't go bouncing around everywhere.

The new website is callofdutydotcom if your already a member of cod you can just transfer your info over and your all set. otherwise just regesiter. i think it goes live today.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


well with mortal kombat vs dc coming out. streetfighter 2 remix hd for the xboxlive arcasde. and streetfighter 4 coming soon. i think everyone is pretty much tried of shooters. Is it time for fighting games to finally come back as strong as there in the 90's in the arcade. well, to answer that. one can say, its close... but, not really. its getting there though. you can actually smell it. i say maybe the next 2-4years. we might see a change in the gaming industry.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Ultimate Gaming TV 56” D56QX1 LCD Quad Monitor. 50k. WOW!!

Las Vegas (NV) – Westinghouse has increased the size of its Quad HD LCD and slightly increased its price tag. The screen size has grown from 52” to 56” and most of us still can’t afford it.

We were deeply impressed when we saw a demonstration of Westinghouse’s 52” Quad HD LCD about 18 months ago. At the time, Westinghouse was very secretive about shipments and pricing, but we managed to learn that the display was available in very limited numbers and was offered especially to companies that have a need for high-resolution graphics displays in exchange for $50,000. Over the recent months we heard that these displays eventually dropped to about $40,000.

The new 56” D56QX1 LCD Quad Monitor is back up to 56: and officially available for purchase beginning this month. Compared to your average 1080p HDTV, the LCD has four times the resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels produce a stunning 8.3 megapixels, which is overkill for most consumer electronics but a useful feature for 3D, medical, geological, military recon applications. The display also delivers a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 500 nits brightness and a 6.5 ms response time. Westinghouse said that D56QX1 is compatible with a wide variety of dual-link DVI video cards including ATI and Nvidia.

Quad HD LCDs are still very rare, but we have seen several announcements in recent months, including TVs a 56” version from Sapphire and Samsung’s 82” monster.


Recording from hdmi tv, 720p video games for youtube N streaming gaming. how do i do it?

ive been looking around for this problem. and really and maybe im just not seeing it. but, its not cheap. i have been doing it the hard way because i cant afford a 999.00 dollar system which is quite easy. but, i dont wanna get ripped off. because the price drops next year.

now if your like me and own a 1080p lcd tv and have a xbox elite or a ps3 which has hdmi cables. and want to record but no one has made anything to do so, well look no further. i have some intresting stuff here to help you get your game on.

ill make a video later to explain most. but, here are some pics and websites. ill be adding on to this story as i go along.

this system is for people who just wanna put sdmi chip it and record its that simple. which i like because all you have to do is load it to youtube. since now they take 720p hd now. as where before they did'nt. so, thats cool.

720p this is the website for the hd recorder. which is really easy. but, expensive.

now this video use's dazler. which is not hd or hdmi. thats if you have av cables or compent cables. no hdmi

this is the closest you can get to record hd without hdmi svideo hd.

now if you want to stream on justintv. or ustream tv. you can use the blitz box but, its still not true hdmi.

its a lot of spotty stuff. but, theres not a unversial tool yet. thats cheap enuff. good luck and stay tuned.