Friday, March 27, 2009

onlive wow the gaming future

xboxlive might be in trouble check out onlive


new cry3 engine for xbox... sick

wow what is modern warfare was made with this sick omg.

Monday, March 23, 2009 ??? so, you need some help?

so, if your like me and like to use the rubber tabs that go over the analog sticks then thats the place to go. the funny part is the same year they put out there patent i was working on my own tabs at the time.

anyways.... i used to buy my geltabzs at gamestop but, then they changed up there game. i think some dumb ass at gamestop hq told geltabzs. hey " if you want to keep selling those tabs you need to keep it the same price and add a stupid ass wii tab in it.

so, now when you go to gamestop the price is the same but, the quality sucks ass and balls. like there doing us some big favor by putting in an extra tab for the wii. and keeping it the same price.

yo, what the hell is a dollar going to make or break the difference. i buy them for performance. so, i went to like five stores, guess what? no one just carries the regular xbox tabs. so, i said ok. ill buy the 3 pack. NOT five minutes in it felt like i was playing with used greasy tabs.. i was pissed!!! so, i said no biggie just go online to and order some. wow. what a nightmare.

so, i ordered the tabzs like a 12 days ago and emailed these people 5 times no response. i even tracked down the patent on the thing. some guy from houston texas named jason bailey came up with the idea in 2005. you know, i just want the nice tabs with prongs that give me exact o shooting accuracy thats all.

ok, where was i.... yeah, so, i was looking all over the damm place on how to get a hold of theses people. luckly i found geltabz's phone number here it is. if your an idoit like i am there phone number is 1-281-371-2700 ASK FOR BONNIE.. I THINK SHE RUNS THE SHOW OVER THERE.

if you want my suggestion order it from a third party that has customer support.... geltabzs has ZERO customer SUPPORT!! THATS A FACT JACK.

>>>>>>>ITS IN THE MAIL<<<<<<<<<<<<<