Sunday, October 21, 2007

Street Figher 4, and fighting games in general. On the Rise

Street figher 4, campcom has released a new trailer they say, its a 2d game. i like 2d games i really dont have a problem with them. I would just like to see some new technology included into these games. i was thinking rendered graphics for the characters, you know like gears of war type graphics. It would be fine if they kept the game 2d. We all know that works. there's really no point in changing it because it just sets back fighting games everytime it fails.

I think were at a cross road with games right now and its a perfect opportunity for fighting games to make a come back. But, at what cost. if we keep 2d. it will die quick. if we try something new it flops and we have to wait for our turn again. I think i have a solution.

Just keep it 2d, add the rendered graphics to the characters like gears of war. but, change the background to 4 d graphics. could you Imagen Blanka with reflective scale like skin and a rendered face with that 4 d graphic back ground vs Ken or Ryu. it would be the badest fighting game ever made. Maybe Ed Boon the creator of Mortal Kombat would do this. Thus bring fighting games back to the forefront of gaming.

I think were all a little burnt out on FPS. and theres no shortage of fps coming out between now and next year 2008.

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