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Modern warfare 3 leaks under attack!!

Multiple sources have told the site the game will “reshape the landscape of the Call of Duty franchise,” with various news settings, a story to tie up loose ends, and will reveal the final moments from key figures in the franchise’s history.

Following the publication of this story yesterday, Infinity Ward has released the game’s first teaser movies, confirming New York, Berlin and the UK as locations.

The site said that what it’s showing may change come release time, but for now, this where Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software is at present on the game.

Story goes as follows: “The game opens moments after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2 with the US struggling to stave off a surprise Russian attack. The single-player campaign will ping-pong players around the world as they take on the multiple throwaway roles as a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, SAS Operative, tank gunner, and AC-130 gunner as well as key characters from previous installments and new recurring characters. The game will feature about 15 missions, kicking off with the invasion of Manhattan by a Russian force and wrapping up with a final encounter in Dubai.”

Exciting as that sounds, the plot will contain spots with lots of gunfire and scene changes during the action, and players will once again control various vehicles such as the AC-130 gunship and a tank in the US Armored Division.

The single-player campaign will wrap up any unanswered questions players may have had left over from MW1 and MW2, as well as introducing new characters such as two Delta Force operatives named “Frost” and “Sandman”.

Multiplayer has quite a few maps and two types of Special Ops modes called Survival and Mission.

The site also listed a few spoliers, which we will post now, so be warned.

Modern Warfare 3 opens at the end of Modern Warfare 2 with the US fighting Russian forces on the ground in America. Vladimir Makarov is back, and Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Captain John Price are wounded and “on the run” with Russian informant Nikolai.

The trio is hiding out in a safehouse in Dharmasala, India, where they are attacked by Makarov’s men, where players will take on the role of Yuri, a loyalist who works for Nikolai. As the safehouse becomes compromised, the men flee in a helicopter.

After this, the game takes players into Manhattan where Russia is attacking with ships stationed in the Hudson River. To counter this, the US calls in Delta Force where players step into the role of Frost, a Delta Force operative Sandman’s command which is ordered to take a tower on top of the Stock Exchange building.

After this, you’ll fly over the city in a Blackhawk, gun down enemy choppers, and fly out to the Hudson where you must sink a Russian sub that is “cooredinating the attacks.”

Here are some of the game settings:

Dharmasala, India
New York, New York
A plane transporting the president of Russia
A town in Sierra Leone
London, England
Mogadishu, Somalia
Hamburg, Germany
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
A castle in the Czech mountains
Berlin, Germany
The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Washington. D.C.

Players will also play a Russian agent who is protecting the Russian president on his way to sign a peace treaty with the US. The plane is attacked with the intent to kidnap the president and his daughter, who happens to escape. The president is not so lucky, and falls into the hands of Makarov – who does not want a peace treaty. He obtains launch codes from the captured president and starts attacking the US.

Players will again go back to Price, Soap and Yuri in Africa who will be dealing with a South African arms dealer before heading to Sierra Leone. Then another switch happens, as you go into the role of an SAS operative who must stop the delivery of weapons of “mass destruction” over on the London docks.

European cities are also getting attacked, such as Hamburg, Germany where players take on the role of a tank gunner fighting to push back the Russians.

The game’s final mission occurs in Dubai, where Yuri, Price and Sandman launch an assault on a hotel where Makarov is hiding and he finally meets his much anticipated demise.

The game supposedly also includes a “post-credits level” featuring the burning of Washington, DC.

There loads of extra details on Modern Warfare 3 through the link above, as well as shots of the game.

We’ve mailed Activision regarding all this lovely information, but meanwhile, Infinity Ward’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling has responded to the Modern Warfare 3 post via Twitter, which actual confirms for the first time that the game was in the works despite the Internet already knowing the fact.

According to Bowling, the information contains “a lot of hype and a lot of leaked info,” and that some of the information is “still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.”

Modern Warfare 3, Weapons And Perks How They work?

im speculating everything. and its all based on hear say. to be honest its a 100% entertainment for youtube. so believe what you want.

Modern Warfare 3's version of the AK-47. Scorpion MP5 SCAR-H MP412 pistol M21 RSASS Model 1887 P99 pistol AK-47 ACR Barrett .50 Cal Striker 3-20 Grenade Launcher AA-12 KSG M4 G-36 Magpul FMG

Many of these guns are making a return appearance from Modern Warfare 1 and 2, while many are debuting for the first time in MW3. The RSASS is another semi-automatic sniper rifle, so there is yet to be a bolt-action sniper such as the M40 or Intervention confirmed or rumored. The Magpul FMG appears to be a prototype gun similar to the G11 from Black Ops. It is a Submachine gun that can actually fold up, making it very concealed. It will be interesting to see if this gun has any particularly different capabilities than the others.

Spec Ops will make a return to Modern Warfare 3, this time split into 2 modes. The first mode is the Mission mode which is probably similar to the basic Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2. Then there is the Survival mode, which may be an answer to Treyarch's zombies.

As stated in the first paragraph, take all of this information with a grain of salt, as some of it just may not be there by the end.


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Modern Warfare 3, May 23rd Press release and NEWS. Dedicated Service??

Rumors have started bubbling about the next "Call of Duty" game, which is (somewhat obviously) looking like "Modern Warfare 3." On Monday, we were hoping for an official announcement of the game during Activision's earnings call, but we only received a few details, acknowledging that "some" type of "Call of Duty" game was coming in 2011. I figured we would have to wait until closer to E3 before seeing anything else, but it looks like we're getting a glance at some (unconfirmed) logos today.

Last night, Electric Hydra forum user, Powertree, claimed he had received some artwork for "game titles that are probably going to be announced at E3." He later posted four images, two of which were logos for the previously announced "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon" and "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure." More importantly, the other two images appear to be logos for "Modern Warfare 3" and a mysteriously titled "Call of Duty: Elite."


There's obviously no way of telling whether the images are legit, but they certainly look convincing. The only thing throwing me off is that the "Modern Warfare 3" logo actually has "Call of Duty" in the title. That doesn't immediately make it fake, but it seems odd after Activision's bizarre attempts to remove the "Call of Duty" moniker from "Modern Warfare 2." Powertree claimed that he received the pictures "at work," but I have no idea who he is, or where he's employed. Just a guess, but I'm assuming he would rather keep it that way.

The "Modern Warfare 3" image isn't a total surprise, of course. We knew the game was coming (most likely with a November 8 release date), but it's still cool to check out the new game's logo. What is a bit surprising is the "Call of Duty: Elite" image. This is the first time that the term "Elite" has shown up in a "Call of Duty" game's name, so it initially had me scratching my head wondering what in the world it meant. While it's entirely possible that the logo is just bogus, I'm thinking it's more likely associated with Activision's previously discussed Project Beachhead.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg briefly mentioned Beachhead during the earnings call Monday, stating that the company had formed a new development studio to work on an "all new connected digital universe for the Call of Duty franchise." While it's just speculation, I'm fairly confident in stating that "Call of Duty: Elite" is actually Project Beachhead. There's few details at the moment, but Hirshberg made the project out to sound like an online service.

"This platform will include a suite of services and content plan that will unite and ignite the community like never before. The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time," Hirshberg said.

If I had to take a guess, I would imagine "Call of Duty: Elite" to work as an online organizational platform, akin to "Halo: Waypoint." I don't think "Elite" is an entirely new game, and I don't even think it's anything close to the "Call of Duty MMO" that's been rumored for quite some time. Instead, imagine a nice little app that sits on your Xbox 360 dashboard, where you'll be able to launch into multiplayer games with friends and compare stats. The service could also streamline community events, like tournaments or other contests.

There's certain to be more information about "Modern Warfare 3" and "Call of Duty: Elite" released over the next few weeks, leading up to E3. We'll be sure to post any news on either title as it becomes available.