Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome all, my very first post!!

i never claimed to be some kind of know it all that includes making these dam blogs, web pages and so on. my English is not that good, as far as writing it. but, i will try my best to convey to you what i think of game and the gaming world.

To be honest i mostly made this blog because i got tired of being suspended from the worst online game discussion place on earth. you get jaded for anything. i got suspended one time for just saying the word "retard" and i was'nt even talking about anyone thats some lame ass shit. what really sucks about the whole thing is im a paying customer over there and they threat me like shit. i see way worst stuff in the forums then what i say. but, thats the way it goes when your just a crumb on the table, you get brushed away.

this is how mad i was when i made my first video about the whole thing.but, im on a crusade to make a free for all website for the masses, no, bullshit lockdown on the small stuff. Ofcourse its not going to be super crazy or anything its just going to be better then any other gamersite.

My new motto bye the gamer for the gamer. everyone is so fat over there, i think they forgot about us. Another thing, those cheap ass tournaments are joke. i could pay out more money myself.

like i said im only one person right now. but, with the help of the few we can become the opposite of evil. last time i checked that was good!!!. so, anyways.


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Fede23Mendiola said...

F1st, My Ganster!!! Long time no see brother!
I agree, some of the payouts are a joke!
If they make tourneys they should make it worthwhile so people really get into it, site banning also has become ridiculous..Peace out F1st, I missed the demo for COD4 but I will get the game, oh and one more thing , can you blog about Halo(gaylo) and the gamepalay, so people can check the blog out?