Friday, October 19, 2007

Dedicated servers, when will we get them for the consoles??

i like to talk about dedicated servers for the consoles. the focus appears to be on graphics rather then game play or online multiplayer for the console. i really get tired of games with great graphics but horrible online service. take for example Bungie they have great game, its been out for six years in a franchise. The halo series, but, no great lengths in improving the online capacity for players. here's a prime example of what im talking about i thought it might have been a glitch in the start, but, come to realize that the problem was lag. Lag that is controlled bye the host. i shot the guy 4 times but, he did'nt die.

Ea was smart, they where looking into the future and held there ground when they hand the upper hand vs. Microsoft via ps2 and there sport titles. finally microsoft gave in and let EA run there own servers. the gaming is much better with 3rd party dedicated servers and there are many reasons but, i ll just point out a few.

the main advantage of a dedicated server overall is players. You can have more players on a online console ranked match vs hosted controlled games. this also may play a major part for developers who are designing new games with that in mind. If there company does not posses the servers to run a game like that. then they have to scale down. or you might wind up with something like a Ubisoft game aka Farcry. which was horrible online.

really i dont know how long its going to take for people to start crying about dedicated servers, but, theres only so much room left for graphics that the only direction developers can go is multiplayer. so, the bigger microsoft gets the harder its going to be to get a dedicated server with xboxlive.

Lets be thankful that Ea held out and that might be the model for other companies like. Activision and Ubisoft which is 24% owned bye Ea. but, First person shooters have to evolve or go stale. personally i think the next big thing in gaming is fighting games. you really dont need a dedicated server to run a 1 on 1 game. Plus we really hav'nt seen anything good in a long time. but, yet its in our nature to fight everyday. Where's the fighting games? will save that title for next time.

i think the most amazing 3rd party online and only dedicated game will be battlefield bad company. this game hopefully will force the hands of other big publishers to follow suit and get a dedicated server with xboxlive. As far as PSN goes, its a long way off. but, until next time, game on.

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