Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gears of War 2??? its a classic mortal kombat ripp off

Gears of War is what ed boon from midway should have done years ago for a spin off. now gears of war 2 is turned into nothing more then a fatality fest finishing move game. its like g.r.a.w. meets mortal kombat. wow, what a great concept. the funny part it looks like these homo's are running around with full pants of shit pack in there ass. then finishing moves "ORGINAL CONCEPT" that midway and ed boon fucked off and now dont even have in there mortal kombat game that D C dictated to them that you can't have finishing moves in your own game are there that many stupid ass people who get brainwashed into buying games just because microsoft has a lot of money and pushs it like its the next best thing to sliced bread. am i the only one that thinks this way. im starting to wonder if the gaming world is taking the same path as super hero movies and comic books.

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