Thursday, July 10, 2008

Far Cry 2?? is it going to be anygood?

Far Cry 1 sucked dick... theres no if an's or buts about it. how people get money to make the same game over after it flops. beat the shit outta me. but, i fucken hate ubisoft too. there dumb fucken retards who can't make a game. there only claim to fame is rainbow six series which has been pasted up like a turtle standing still in the gaming world.

i can give a flying fuck about single player either. but, i do like the way the movement looks and the fluidity of game play. lets hope this translates into multiplayer care. ubisoft can;t seem to figure that out in the gameing world. or they must suck at programing that or there too fucken cheap to do it. which ever comes first. but, dont give us a trailer of a game that looks good but, fucken sucks in mulitplayer and has a shitty lobby with a fucked up leaderboard. whats the fuck of point of making game if your going to leave out all that i just mentioned. where the fuck is the gameing police when you need them. ubisoft stop fucking games up. your like a white guy trying to rap. its a disgrace to the gaming industry. when you do half ass games.

bye the fucken way. im putting out notice to any fucken game making company. i m fucken tried of half ass fuck off games. if you don't come hard with the full package be prepared to get fucked in the ass hard with nails in it.

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