Thursday, July 10, 2008

E3 how many dumb games can be made in one year??

wow, did anyone see mirrors image? now this is damm funny. what do you get when you mix the E insurance girl with Aeon Flux a douche bag game called mirrors image. i know these guys at DICE got big heads but, ever since battlefield 2 these guys suck ass. they totally fucked up battlfield bad company.
we all know that they did the right thing the first time bye making a good multiplayer game "first" and a shitty single player game in battlfield 2. but, they've done the opposite in battlfield bad company. Now i guess EA thinks there the shit and gives them shit load of money to make games like mirror image. some stupid aeon flux/e insurance chic jumping around in first person from building to building delievering mail. ahhaha are you fucking kidding me. thats what the fuck fed ex is for. What the fuck is Owen O'brien doing over at DICE????? makes me wonder if they fucked up when the boys left dice to join kaos to make fuel of war??? ED BOON AND OWEN O'BRIEN need to meet i think there fucken clones or something?? babling idoits who have no idea whats going on with there own game that are completey shitty and wasteful. how about a BIG FUCK YOU because, im not buying anymore expeirments., mother fuckers in the real world get paid to be ginny pigs.

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