Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maybe the Top 5 games of Fall 2008.

I seen a lot of footage of some beta games. here some of my thoughts.

1. Killzone 2 .. i think is going to be the best game of the fall, it was suppose to come out last year when cod 4 poped out. but, it had many delays. i thin the extra year, has served it good justice. it has great sound, still sticking to close to modern combat with a touch of the future nothing to stupid. the only problem i have with the game is that PS3 PSN is the worst online gameing service on earth with the worst interfaces giveing you a total downer when it comes to fludity. unless im wrong and they have dedicated servers thats the only down side i see to the game so far.

2. call of duty World at war. Well with infinity wards engine running treyarcs game how can you go wrong. with great service from xboxlive and the hughe following of over 10 million plus online multiplayer gamers the fun will be endless. the only thing i see wrong with this game is the fact its in world war 2. i think people are mostly tired of that. but, treyarch makes up for in in gameplay. i think the beta is really short only 3 weeks meaning the games already to be shipped so if theres anything wrong with it were not going to see a patch until jan early feb. based of past experience from call of duty series issues.

3.Mortal kombat vs Dc we've been waiting for an american fighting game forever. not that midway ever listen to anyone and that ed boon looks like syler off heros lol. but, damm they hav'nt had a good game since alliance or maybe mortal kombat 2. i like the fludity of the game it moves like killer instinct did back it the day. but, it seem they never fix the side steps low kick grab cheez ball stuff. right now everyone is fps and 3rd person crazy right now its really a small nitch and moneys tight. good luck mk.

4.Far cry 2now far cry sucked big donkey dick and the multplayer was as bad as amercian army ubisofts version of a first perso shooter of graw. i really dont know how they got another chance to make a part two. but, what ive see is that everthing looks pretty good. it kinda looks like battlefield 2.5 kinda what battlefield 3 but with less graphics of a call of duty. but, ill give it a chance even though there more driven toward a single player game vs multiplayer. maybe there still learning how to max out the graphics to the console and just growing pains. maybe they'll hit pay dirt in part 3.

5. Gears of war 2 now i really hav'nt played much of gow, but, im a big multiplayer online guy. and 4 on 4sucks and i really dont like 3rd person games. this game has a lot of hype behing it no thanks to microsoft. but, thats the way the world works. what they think is right is right. i dont feel that way but it gets pushed until everyone likes it so if you dont play it you wont be playing anyone in anything. i hope mirco. dont cock block the bandwith. im just hoping for this to be the first 3rd person game i can digest.

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