Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recording from hdmi tv, 720p video games for youtube N streaming gaming. how do i do it?

ive been looking around for this problem. and really and maybe im just not seeing it. but, its not cheap. i have been doing it the hard way because i cant afford a 999.00 dollar system which is quite easy. but, i dont wanna get ripped off. because the price drops next year.

now if your like me and own a 1080p lcd tv and have a xbox elite or a ps3 which has hdmi cables. and want to record but no one has made anything to do so, well look no further. i have some intresting stuff here to help you get your game on.

ill make a video later to explain most. but, here are some pics and websites. ill be adding on to this story as i go along.

this system is for people who just wanna put sdmi chip it and record its that simple. which i like because all you have to do is load it to youtube. since now they take 720p hd now. as where before they did'nt. so, thats cool.

720p this is the website for the hd recorder. which is really easy. but, expensive.

now this video use's dazler. which is not hd or hdmi. thats if you have av cables or compent cables. no hdmi

this is the closest you can get to record hd without hdmi svideo hd.

now if you want to stream on justintv. or ustream tv. you can use the blitz box but, its still not true hdmi.

its a lot of spotty stuff. but, theres not a unversial tool yet. thats cheap enuff. good luck and stay tuned.

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